Start of a new study into a possible CSS marker

Start of a new study into a possible CSS marker

Dr. Franz Martín and Dr. Francisco Berral of the University Pablo de Olavide, and Dr. Oscar Cáceres and Dr. Manolo Blanco, of the SHC Medical Unit at Viamed Santa Ángela de la Cruz Hospital in Seville, have just begun a scientific study to measure the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) in plasma samples from patients with Central Sensitivity Syndrome (CSS) and to correlate it with their clinical condition and evolution.

BDNF is a growth or trophic factor, of the neurotrophin family, which is involved in the functioning of the neuronal synapse, the survival of neurons and the plasticity of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Some studies suggest that BDNF may be involved in the mechanisms involved in the development of CSS-associated pathologies, the occurrence of symptoms and the evolution of the disease. However, these studies are scarce and involve only low patient numbers.
As a result, the Seville-based team has set the following goals: i) Determine whether patients with CSS have elevated BDNF levels; ii) discover if there is a relationship between BDNF values and the patients’ clinical situation; and iii) establish the usefulness of measuring BDNF values as a possible marker of CSS-associated pathologies and patient prognosis.

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