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The importance of the environment

Mechanisms to recover quality of life

The Training and Support Unit was set up after years of experience treating patients with Central Sensitivity Syndrome. After working with thousands of patients at SHC Medical, we have seen their need to know themselves and CSS better, and how it affects their daily lives.

During this time we have seen the importance of the environment that surrounds these people. Family, friends and co-workers can play a very important role in how CSS evolves.

This Unit offers them the opportunity to develop mechanisms to recover their quality of life and to normalise the relationships adversely affected by their condition.


  • Personal knowledge

    Discovering strengths and weaknesses to serve as a basis for achieving objectives. Knowing how CSS affects me as an individual.

  • Finding out more about CSS and its consequences

    Studying the pathophysiological mechanisms that generate the various symptoms in order to better understand CSS and to be able to cope with it.

  • Acquiring the necessary tools to overcome difficulties

    Derived from this knowledge of oneself and the disease, we reach the crucial point of recovering quality of life through by acquiring resources, thus improving interpersonal relationships and personal, family and work life


The sessions will be given by professionals specialised in CSS and in the management of these patients.

The sessions will be individual and personalised, lasting 30-45 minutes. Their frequency depends on individuals’ needs.

They will preferably be made by video call or, failing that, by telephone for greater convenience and to facilitate the sessions from any place, at any time.


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