Histamine as a pain modulator

Histamine as a pain modulator

Interesting article published in the ‘Journal of Neuroimmunology’ in September 2013 by Dr. Anne Héron, of the University of Paris, emphasizing the importance of histamine in pain regulation. The key role of this biogenic amine in many chronic processes is increasingly being studied.

This article shows that histamine regulates pain in the central nervous system, which is why patients who have histaminosis (an excess of histamine) may experience chronic pain, migraines, etc., pathologies that we at the SHC Medical Units have been studying for years, specifically the relationship between histaminosis and Central Sensitivity Syndrome.

Here is the summary of the article: “A focus on mast cells and pain“.

Photographs taken from the article published in the ‘Journal of Neuroimmunology’.

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