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Specific immunotherapy

It is intended to strengthen the immune system, as well as decrease the levels of histamine in the body.

Currently, the Unit is developing new lines of multidisciplinary treatment that aim to address the immune system. The main techniques to be used include:

  • Anti-geno-sensitisation
  • Immune deficiency (bacteria, fungi)
  • Specific Bacterial Immunotherapy (Intestinal Candidiasis)
  • Histamine desensitisation.

All of which further highlights the multidisciplinary approach of Central Sensitivity Syndrome.

Immune treatment of candidiasis

25% of patients seen at SHC Medical have or have had Candidiasis at some point. Immunological treatment is fundamental for this pathology as, in our experience, this type of condition is intimately related to immunoneuroendocrine hypersensitivity.

After the multidisciplinary treatment, acting at the level of nutrition, microbiota, the immune system, the central nervous system and the enteric system, the infection disappears in more than 8% of patients. It is even possible to control repetition processes.

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