Histamine Measurement Test (HMT)


Histamine Measurement Test (HMT)

Cellular immune test that measures activation and sensitisation to food antigens, pneumo-allergens and chemicals.

The Central Sensitivity Syndrome is a complex pathology that involves the participation of the immune, endocrine and central nervous system. When there is an alteration of the intestinal permeability, this produces an entry of food allergens which can generate an altered immune response. A degranulation of the mast cells and basophils then occurs, releasing more than 30 immunoactive, immunomodulating and inflammatory substances. One of the substances released is histamine, which is measured in this test.

HMT involves incubating the patient’s blood with various food antigens. Mast cells that are sensitised to certain foods will degrade and release their mediators, including histamine. The histamine released is measured by a colorimetric test.

This test requires the use of natural allergens as well as their correct standardisation. To analyse the results obtained, a standard curve must be made with known amounts of histamine. The total histamine content of mast cells and their basal release in the absence of food antigens must also be known. The results are expressed as a function of baseline histamine release values.

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