HHO. Treatment of hypoxia and hyperoxia

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HHO. Treatment of hypoxia and hyperoxia


HHO. Treatment of hypoxia and hyperoxia

This technique aims at mitochondrial stimulation through hypoxia and hyperoxia cycles, the combination of which stimulates and controls the cell’s regeneration potential.

This treatment aims to “reprogramme” the cell metabolism, which is fundamental for the formation of cellular mitochondria.

In the cycles of hypoxia and hyperoxia, old and depleted mitochondria are destroyed and the proliferation of healthy and physiologically younger mitochondria is accelerated. The treatment consists of inhaling the different concentrations of oxygen through a special mask, as per the protocol established for each patient depending on their symptoms.

The treatment, which lasts from 6 to 8 weeks, manages to balance the autonomic nervous system, increase respiratory capacity, improve the immune system, balance the production of cellular energy and carbohydrates/fats, reduce generalised pain and swelling and fatigue, among other symptoms associated with central sensitivity syndrome.

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